Our Story - DA'QORD

Our Story

What is DA’QORD?

In short, it’s a combination of languages to describe our brand. We combined the English word CORD with the French expression D’ACCORD, meaning “agreed”, “ok” or just “alright”. The melding of two languages was a perfect fit describing our new products too. Yeah! So … Glad you are DA’QORD!



Although our vision was clear, our path to production proved to be challenging beyond belief.  Our dream was to launch a revolutionary product for people who love hi-tech and fashion. We began our research and development in Stuttgart, Germany, home to legendary companies like Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch, along with the brilliant minds and engineers that live there. Now, we are aiming to win your hearts with the magic fashion tech we have successfully produced.

 How did this all start anyway?

Having an idea simply isn’t enough. Many good ideas don’t make it past the idea stage. What motivates our team to explore further is hard work, the rewards of struggle, and most importantly follow through. Combined with passion, love for creating something new, and our intent of connecting people together through a cutting-edge product that is functional and fashionable. This is what brings ideas to life.

Rewinding the memory wheel, DA’QORD started with a spontaneous idea at a small get-together amongst friends. A few years back we recognized that cords, in general, are just simple add-ons in clothing or sneakers. Cords are commonplace and have been ignored for too long. Their true potential has not yet been recognized. And right here this idea was born to introduce something completely fresh and innovative in this line of cords.

The struggle was imminent but worth it in the end!

Well! We can’t begin to describe how many hurdles we jumped to bring DA’QORD to life.  There was no blueprint to follow and at almost every step there was another issue that needed solving. We started analyzing the current market apparel using cords. Surprisingly, every other clothing article was being used to associate brands, but none used cords.  We dig up the reason for this neglect to be apparent,  the inability of cords to be easily replaceable.  We immediately filed our patent for our replaceable and brandable cords so their visibility could reach promotional brands on top of giving end users a personal touch.

Guess what was the next step? Taking DA’QORD to the next level.

Like an elevator going to the top floor, our next step was to patent the world’s very first multifunctional cords, able to be used in any garment or shoe.  Also, the cord can be replaced within seconds with our connecting & swapping technology.

We then engineered ways to add attractive accessories to the cords. This ability allows the customer to add products like Air Pods, their favorite charms, glasses, pouches or even phone cases.  The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination.

There were endless challenges, but we never gave up!

There were many sleepless nights where our team was unsure of how the final product would look or if there was to be a final product.  We never left this idea, instead choosing to invest a lot of time from our lives into this dream because we never stopped believing. 

Setbacks came because we were inventing something the world has never seen before.  A sustainable, high-quality product which we could all be proud. R&D involved expert input from leading tech and fashion companies worldwide got us to where we are today. Finally, after almost three arduous years, we successfully crafted a 100% made in Germany product.

Now we can proudly say that we filled the gap by converting our idea into reality.

So WELCOME, now you are finally DA’QORD!