Sustainability - DA'QORD


One primary concern from the very beginning was sustainability as much as possible without compromising the premium quality. The aim is to consciously and sustainably design tech that is fashion.
It’s more than just right using the right materials. It’s the commitment to integrate sustainable and fair business practices from below to the top in our company. It’s about using materials that are recyclable as far as possible so we can assure Mother Earth that We Care! 
Plus! We make sure to work with partners who think the same. We have respect and love for our planet and we will maintain this standard in the future too.
Taking practical steps, we added onboard a production that complies with all EU minimum standards and gives us complete transparency over the whole procurement process. Plus, we keep overproduction under check avoiding waste.
The next step was adding a packaging and delivery process that is environmentally friendly. The German-made tag on our products sustainably improve the quality and longevity, reduce pollution, and maintain complete transparency in production.
The fair standards that apply to our business activities externally must also apply internally. So, we take care of our employees, ensuring them all essential working rights and emotional care.
Be DA’QORD that you are in touch with a brand that is socially responsible and Thinks Green!